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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Pillowcase Dresses - with Accessories!

What can you make with two king size pillowcases??

How about:

• 2 Dresses
• 2 Drawstring Bags
• 2 Rosette Hairclips
• 1 Fabric-Covered-Rosetted Headband

Here they are:

So, my grandma gave me these gorgeous vintage pillowcases she found at a thrift store. The bonus was when I started making the dresses, I saw the Ralph Lauren tags, so now they are "designer" pillowcase dresses!!

These awesome accessories were made using instructions from AGAAG, as she calla herself found under the tag "hair crap" I think. Don't cha love it? :) and I seem to have accidentally deleted the photos of the drawstring bags, but you can picture a simple drawstring bag, right?

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