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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mermaid Pool Party

Wow! Was this ever a fun party (well the preparation might have been more fun than the actual least it was for me!). But the party wasn't for me, it was for my sweet daughter and her little mermaid friends.

I am thrilled to be able to link up to Decorate to Celebrate this week as the theme is "Anything Goes!"

The invitations were from Paper Doll Dress Up.  They have cute Peachy Keen faces and dance on their little springs! (Action Wobbles)  Their tails are cuttlebug embossed.

 Joy stamped Ariel on the envelopes and colored them in:
 Here is our door sign.
I drew on the face because I don't have PKS that large...I think it turned out ok.

The idea originated from our Yum! magazine with an article by One Charming Party and quickly spiraled out of control thanks to Pinterest!

Ideas we used from the magazine were:

This fun mermaid sign Joy painted and decorated (we used the cricut and contact paper to put the letters on while she painted the blue layer and peeled them off while the paint was still wet).  It was very cute that she asked her dad for a 2 x 4....

Cupcakes also from the magazine:

We got the seashell mold for the white chocolate from Michael's.

And the fishnet on the table:

The only reason my table is inside is because it was storming when the girls first got here, so we improvised with a game of Twister (it cleared up beautifully within the hour):

I remembered this adorable mermaid towel from the project section at Embroidery Library (great resource for creative sewing projects whether your embroider or not). I looked at cute ones on pinterest, too, and came up with my own adaptation:


I embroidered the names in a big, curly, girly font.  We stuck to our turquoise and lime green theme:

I crocheted this mermaid outfit for Joy to use with her Barbies a while ago, I meant to blog it, but it disappeared into her Kingdom and we pulled it out to use as decor for her party.  The pattern is here at Crafty Mama Sanchez blog.  It took some youtube viewing to master the crocodile stitch, but I love the texture.  It was made with lots of love at many baseball games and other mom-has-to-sit-and-wait events. :)

These fun, free water bottle labels are from
And last, because I made them the morning of the party---too much coffee, perhaps....these stitched dish clip labels made using chalk cloth!!!  I love them because I can use them for every pool party.  I cut the chalk cloth with Nestabilities on the Cuttlebug and stitched them to rectangles of felt, then hot glued them to clothespins:
 Ocean Water
 Mermaid Treats
 Shark Bait
Fish Food
A good time was had by all the little mermaids....


  1. WOW! everything looks so good and I LOVE LOVE those cupcakes! You really did think about everything and put a lot of work and detail. Thank you for joining us over at Decorate to Celebrate!!! I'm a new bloggie friend and look forward to more of your projects Glenda:)

  2. This is my kind of party!! I wish I could have attended!! I love everything you did...especially the mermaid tails and the barbie tail!! Absolutely fabulous!! Thanks so much for playing along at Decorate to Celebrate!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts
    Decorate to Celebrate DT

  3. Wow! The towels are so much fun! I can see how excited those girls must have been with all the fun decorations and party activities

  4. What an adorable party- I especially love those sandy cupcakes!! Your little mermaid looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing and playing along at Decorate to celebrate! :)Amy

  5. oh now this is the cutest thing and I adore those mermaid towels and cupcakes you really did an amazing job on this party thank you for joining us at decorate to celebrate.

  6. Such a wonderful array of decorating treats and unique costumes (including Barbie!) Loved everything follower, please stop by. Ellie is beautiful!
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S.