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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marvelous Mini Books

So excited to share my latest Cricut find! Their new "Mini Books" cartridge takes all the guesswork out of creating these sweet little albums.

Here are the ones I've made so far:

This one has 2 inside!

Ok, they are tiny, but adorable, right?

The explosion box:

Lots of places for little pictures! And the layers are perfect with no measuring.

I love this little one. It has an adjustable band around it.

This one turns out to be fine for single-sided paper as it is glued in to the cover and you only see one side of the pages anyway. :)

I showed my hand do you could see the scale.

I'm sure I'll fancy thus one up with ribbons on the binder clips.

It has some great self-closing envelopes to choose from:

There ate different shapes of pages, but I thought this shape was really pretty.

I haven't added pics or embellishments yet, but I am happy with them even in this stage. I made all of these in a very short time. I love how fast they are. They would make terrific little brag books for grandparents or parents.

I even feel like I have a little head start on Christmas gifts for relatives. :)

Have a lovely, crafty weekend.

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