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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Father's Day Cake, Cards, & More

My husband is incredible.  He really is the hardest worker around.  He works in construction and has worn these type of work boots for as long as I've known him.  When I saw this cake online about a month before Father's Day, I knew it was perfect.  Joy, my 11 year old daughter, was totally on board.  She would not let me drop it even after it turned out to be such a crazy week. :)  I'm so glad she insisted!
 This was by far one of the most ambitious surprise projects my daughter and I have attempted.  We collected ingredients throughout the week, going to many different stores (i.e. a gas station for a candy necklace).  We were soooo impressed with the results!
I made this card (tent fold) to go with the cake:
It was much easier than it looks (though it was definitely a few hours of enlarging patterns and decorating).  The authors of this book have wonderful directions.  It's a great deal with the many, many cakes included.  I certainly hope to make several more.  We followed the instructions in this awesome book, which you can find HERE :
Product Details
 These were the personal touches that my daughter did by herself:
 His initials:
 Here she is, presenting it to her daddy, so very proud (it was a pool party):
 He was shocked and amazed, too!
 Here is the card Joy made for him using Scrappy Moms Stamps for the sentiment and SVGs from Miss Kate Cuttables:
 Joy also had the idea to add some real nails and screws.  I love it!!!
 Here is my wonderful dad:
And, last, and awesome is a card Joy made for her other grandpa (aka "Pop") with more CTMH stamps (Blossom Cardmaking Kit, I believe) that she saw on Pinterest.  I was impressed she did this on her own, too.

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