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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baseball Bling

 We went to a week long baseball tournament last summer.  This called for some serious baseball bling!!!  My daughter and I found this adorable project on Pinterest (where else?) and just had to make our own.  We watched this TUTORIAL which really helped.  We did resort to clear gorilla glue to adhere the flowers to the straps and clamped binder clips to hold it all together until cured.
 I was so pleased at how easily my machine embroidered the baseball leather.  This was a little big for a keychain.  It has found a new home as a luggage tag on my son's suitcase. :)

 Here is one of the cuffs I made.  I just used embroidery floss to re-stitch the seams (also for the keychain) and stitched an elastic loop to one end and a button to the other.  I always get compliments on my baseball bling!
I loved getting a baseball pedicure first thing before we had our first game. 
Very festive!

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